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Getting stuck out on the road because of a wreck or a mechanical failure puts your life on hold. The time you spend waiting for a tow truck to arrive is a period of distraction and anxiety. Making your first call to a towing services company that you know and trust is the best way to deal with a difficult situation.

At Select Towing, the towing services we provide in Houston, TX make a real difference in people’s lives. We do all kinds of towing work, including the following:

• Cars—Whether you drive a domestic or an import, a luxury car or a beater, we have you covered. Our professional drivers can tow any type of car, SUV, or truck that is out on the roads today. Every tow job we do is guaranteed to be damage-free.

• Large Vehicles—We can also handle any size of vehicle. If you drive a van, delivery truck, or RV, we have the skills and equipment to get you to where you want to go.

• Junked Vehicles—Do you have a totaled vehicle that you need to sell for scrap and parts? How about an old used car sitting on blocks in your driveway, just rusting away? You can turn these vehicles into cash. Call us first. We will tow the vehicle away and give you the best price for it.

The full range of towing services that we offer at Select Towing are some of the most dependable in Houston, TX. We respond to any location and at any time. When you need a tow truck, contact us first and find out for yourself how efficient and affordable towing services can be.