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When a car comes to a halt on the side of the road or will not crank in the driveway, the thought most drivers have is that they need a tow truck to come and haul the vehicle to an expensive auto service center to diagnose and resolve the problem. This is sometimes the case, but with roadside assistance from a professional technician, these situations can very often be taken care of right there on the scene.

At Select Towing of Houston, TX, we do everything we can to get your vehicle going again without hauling you to a repair shop or dealership. Our roadside assistance drivers have a vast knowledge of vehicle makes and models, and they know how to take care of a wide range of problems on the spot. These include:

• Small Repairs
• Tire Changes
• Refueling
• Battery Assistance

Our dispatchers and drivers are available to provide emergency roadside assistance around the clock. They are extremely familiar with the roads in and around Houston, TX, and we guarantee that they will always provide you with the fastest response time available. Once they are there, you can count on them to give you an honest assessment of your problem and supply you with the help you need.

When you need roadside assistance, do not waste your time with a tow company you do not know or trust. Make sure you contact someone with a proven track record and a reputation for fair dealing. Talk with us, and learn all about the first class service we provide here at Select Towing!