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Have you ever had the frustrating experience of locking your keys in your car? What did you do? Did you call a friend or spouse at work and ask them to bring you a spare key, and then wait half the day for them to show up? Did you try to jimmy your window open yourself with a bent wire, tearing up some of the padding around your window in the process, with no guarantee of success? While these are options, none of them are optimal for resolving the problem at hand.

The next time you find yourself staring at your keys through a locked car door, we suggest seeking professional help instead. At Select Towing, one of our specialties is offering lockout services to Houston, TX motorists who cannot get into their vehicles on their own. Best of all, we do so for a low price that will make you wonder why you ever hesitated to ask for help before.

When you contact us for lockout services, you are certain to receive a fast response. We know your time is precious to you, and our professional truck operators arrive on the scene in no time. Once they are there, they quickly assess the situation and then apply the tools and techniques appropriate for your car. With our help, you will have your keys back in a matter of minutes, and you do not have to worry about scratched paint, a broken lock, or damage to your vehicle’s interior.

With our lockout services, locking your keys in the car no longer needs to be the start of a prolonged crisis. Take a deep breath and speak with us at Select Towing in Houston, TX today.